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Teeth Whitening Lichfield

Teeth Whitening in Lichfield

NUYU express laser teeth whitening offer state of the art technology combined with the worlds most advanced teeth whitening formula, guaranteeing clients a pain free procedure with maximum results.

Our Whitening Accelerator is a powerful laser system which produces an intense beam of pure light filtered through over 12,000 optical fibres and 30 layers of coated optical glass; the Whitening Accelerator laser illuminates the teeth at a wavelength of 520 nanometres, proven to be the optimal range for teeth whitening.

Harmful ultra-violet (UV) and infrared light is completely removed by the filtering system, leaving only a focused beam of cold-light in the blue-cyan spectrum, penetrating deep into the teeth and activating the whitening formula to its optimal potency to remove deeper stains from the dentine.

  • We off a 1/2hr or 1 hour treatment.
  • Meets all UK and EU legal legislations
  • Immediate effects
  • Appointment time to suit you including evenings and weekends
  • The ONLY Megawhite Teeth Whitening in Lichfield

LED lights are commonly used for the purposes of teeth whitening these lights operate at a much lower wave length and do not generate the results of a halogen system they do not have the filtration system described above, thus making the halogen system not only superior in relation to the longer lasting and overall results achieved, it is also a safe option for your clients in the light of the problems associated with these harmful rays.

Treatment Cost

30 mins | £249 £99
60 mins | £349 £149

Please Note:
Our Megawhite express teeth whitening system meets all UK and EU legal legislations. NUYU staff do not give dental advice, do not perform dentistry and do not give assistance to any dental procedure. We do not touch the clients mouth, lips or teeth. We sell a cosmetic product, off the shelf which the client places in their own mouths.